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Friday, April 15, 2011

Safe Pathways Bill Withdrawn

I just spoke with Rep. Ryan Haynes, who is the sponsor for HB1061, the House version of the Safe Pathways for Students billBecause of opposition to the bill in the House transportation committee, Rep. Haynes is going to withdraw the bill, rather than risk it getting voted down in committee. If it gets voted down, we would have to wait 2 years for it to be re-introduced. With the bill withdrawn, it can be re-introduced next January. Rep. Haynes told me that's what he and Sen. Jamie Woodson, the Senate bill (SB1083) sponsor, plan to do. Rep. Haynes said that the issue on the committee was due to general opposition to increasing any fee.
Ellen Zavisca, Senior Transportation Planner, Knoxville Regional TPO

This is really sad!  Senator Woodson has resigned to take a position with SCORE, so we’ll have to start anew in the Senate as well!

Joan A. Randall, MPH, Executive Director, Tennessee Obesity Taskforce

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